Rental Income Financing Made Simple

Jumpstart your investment strategy with our dedicated short term rental financing (AirBNB, VRBO) program. With loan limits up to $3 million and a painless, streamlined process, we make investing easy!

DSCR Loans

This mortgage is an excellent option for an Investor looking to Purchase or Refinance a Home and cannot / does not want to provide “Traditional” Income documentation i.e., Tax Returns as a means of qualification.


STR Loans

Getting financing on a short-term rental has never been easier. In the past lenders never truly accepted the short-term rental concept. They claimed it was too risky to lend on. Coast2Coast Mortgage can help!

Ideal for purchasing single-family homes, condos, duplexes, and other properties intended for Airbnb or VRBO use. Our loans are flexible, affordable, and simple to apply and qualify for.

We specialize in Short Term Rental Financing!

Our Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) program focuses on the property cashflow, so no other income
documents are required. Our DSCR loans offer fast closings with minimal conditions, so the process is relatively hassle-free.


If financing a property conventionally to use for short-term leases doesn’t work for your circumstances, don’t worry – there are plenty of other options.

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Why do I need Airbnb financing to fund my purchase?

Unlike other lenders, we don’t make you jump through tons of hoops to secure your loan. We make the process simple, streamlined, and painless. We also require no personal income, no investor experience, and no lease agreements. We keep the paperwork to a minimum and the efficiency at full-speed as we process your loan.

Can I use my Airbnb income to qualify for my loan?

If you have a history of Short Term rental income we absolutely can use it, but we do not require it. If you are buying a new Short Term Rental Home we use Air DNA to determine the possible rental income for your property. We can do this for Purchase, Cash out, or rate and term Refinances.

How can I improve my chances of qualifying for a short-term rental loan?

Your best bet is to boost your credit score as much as possible. Though we require a 640 at minimum, A higher score will increase your chances of a higher approval, lower interest rates, and higher Loan to values. With a 700 score we will lend up to 75% LTV.

Can I live in my short-term rental?

Our short-term rental loans are designed for investment properties only. They cannot be used to finance a property you intend to live in, even temporarily. To purchase a property you would like to inhabit, you’ll want a traditional, owner-occupied mortgage.

How can I make sure my Airbnb is allowed?

Many cities have regulations that dictate how short-term rentals can be operated in the area, and some also require specific licensing. In some places, short-term rentals are banned altogether. To make sure you’re purchasing an investment in a viable market, check with your local municipality or building department.


How do you determine if my property is eligible for financing?

After we will use a professional appraisal as well as local rent data, as well as Air DNA to access your property’s viability as an investment. We want to ensure your purchase can still be profitable should you seek long-term tenants down the line.

Do you finance Airbnb rental arbitrage projects?

Coast2Coast Mortgage only finances the purchase or refinance of income-producing real estate. We do not finance arbitrage projects.

Can I refinance my short-term rental loan later on?

Yes, you may refinance your short-term rental loan should you want to change your interest rate or terms or access your property’s equity down the line. At Coast2Coast Mortgage, we offer both rate-and-term and cash-out refinancing.

What other options are there for financing an Airbnb property?

There are other investment property loans out there, but many come with high interest rates and strict qualifying standards. They also require income and employment verification, which is sometimes hard for investors to come by. Our Airbnb financing options are more flexible, allowing you to qualify using just your credit, bank statements, and the right property.

What insurance will I need as an Airbnb investor?

If you’re listing your property on the Airbnb platform, you’ll enjoy the company’s built-in “host protection” insurance. In addition, you’ll also want a separate insurance policy for the full replacement cost of the property as well as a short tern rental rider on your policy. Please speak with a licensed insurance agent or Insurance broker to obtain the appropriate insurance policy.


We know that no two investors are alike, so we proudly offer flexible Airbnb financing options to fit a variety of scenarios.


Our qualifying standards vary by credit score and loan amount, but our minimum requirements are as follows:

We also consider your property value when evaluating your application for financing.

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